About The Founders

Zahra Lightway  Co-Founder, The Community Game

Zahra Lightway M.Ed

DIRECTOR: The Community Game
Light Way Schools
Our Mission In Action.

Zahra Lightway M.Ed. is an international speaker and expert in education. She has delivered workshops, keynote speeches, conferences, programmes and training events for communities, organizations, children and adults all over the United States and in New Zealand. Her work in The Community Game, Maker World For Schools and related talks and workshops focuses on leveraging 21st century, adaptive & project based learning for solving social problems.

Zahra is a visionary educator and designer of alternative, holistic education programs for children and youth.   She founded a progressive school in Texas called Light Way Schools.  Now through the Empowered Parents Inspiring Children! E.P.I.C. Home Education Designer certification program,  Zahra offers a training course that certifies teachers and parents as progressive educators who can design and create their own schools or “unschools”.  In this capacity she is known for empowering parents to inspire their children to lead fulfilling lives and realize their full potential. 
Zahra's work to date includes: 

  • Co-Founding: The Community GameFounding:  Light Way Schools,  Our Mission In Action & Seeding The Future NOW
  • Publishing articles in Natural Awakenings and E.P.I.C. magazines
  • Presenting and organizing The Children of the New Earth Conferences in Sacramento and Canada in 2008 and 2011
  • Speaking on "What The Experts Know" About Teaching and Learning Telesummit Series I & III
  • Presenting at "Local To Global Teach In" at Arizona State University 
  • Being interviewed on KPFT 90.1 on Sister Soul, Awakening To Conscious Co-Creation with Peter Tongue,  and Quantum Creativity with Cezarina Trone.
  • Zahra and Laurence cohost "The Happiness Revolution with just a hint of gloom"" Fresh Start Wednesday's fortnightly 7 am - 9am on Fresh FM
Laurence Boomert

Laurence Boomert

Director: The Community Game                       Smart Planet Sustainable Solutions             Bank of Real Solutions

Laurence Boomert is an international speaker, activist and coach on community transformation, green business & the new economic foundations for a sustainable world. He is a visionary often working in pioneering areas that later become trends. After 30 years studying community solutions and innovative practice, Laurence brings The Community Game as an answer to solving how to make our communities better faster.
Laurence's work to date includes:

  • Co-Founding: The Community Game
  • Founding NZ's First Green Business Network with 500 member companies
  • Co-founding The New Economics Party               
  • Being a TV Presenter (Maggies Garden Show)
  • Speaking & Educating on Community solutions, resilience and revitalisation 
  • Numerous re-localization and community development projects.
  • Working on NZ’s first ISP
  • Environmental consultancy - Sustainable Solutions leading to a 30,000 print run of  the Vision Hauraki Sustainable Business Programme
  • Establishing the Whanganui Environment Centre (one of the largest community hubs in the country) and working to promote Transition Towns in NZ
  • Hosting the National Conference on Community Currencies
  • In 2011 co-founding the New Economics political party
  • Being a pivotal member of the Living Economies Educational Trust
  • Currently being a trustee on Ako-a-Rongo Educational Trust (hosts of IDEC 2015), and Earthcare Educational Trust who run the Localising Food Project.
  • Publishing an essay author with “How I survived the end of the world”
  • Contributing to ‘True Wealth. Money and the New Collaborative Culture’.
  • Conducting a 21 state speaking tour of the USA 
  • Radio show co- host: "The Happiness Revolution with just a hint of gloom" on Fresh Start Wednesday's fortnightly 7 am - 9am on Fresh FM 

About The Game

“The Community Game” has its inception in the meeting of Zahra and Laurence at a festival in April 2015 in Golden Bay where Zahra attended Laurence’s talk “Creating Community Resilience and Revitalization" His information and ideas on collaborative culture and new localized 21st Century economic systems inspired Zahra to invite him to co-present  “Economic Foundations for Alternative Education” workshops at an international education conference in Nelson the following weekend. One week later they travelled to Wellington and attended 2 conferences over 5 days: “OSOS, Open Source Open Society”, and “The Creativity Challenge”. With the convergence of all these overlapping themes swirling together with their new found collaborative workshop offerings The Community Game was forming. They were subsequently invited to co-present a talk on sustainability in Motueka as part of the Motueka 2030 vision process and the pair developed and presented “Unleashing Creativity For An Economy of Thriving” Laurence shared inspiring examples of collaborative culture and economics, while Zahra presented ideas around creative education and learning.

Laurence and Zahra found that they shared a common vision for life where everyone has the opportunity to thrive and they both recognised that there are more ways today than ever before for people to do just that especially when it is pursued at a community level.  Both had also come to the realization that to impart knowledge just by ‘speaking’ to audiences is not enough, that people learn best through doing,  when doing is fun, exciting and and meaningful. 

The Community Game is their hope and dream for empowering communities to make life better  for everyone. It upskills
a group of 100 people to move projects forward more rapidly and more effectively and has been designed to be compelling, educational and fun!.

'The Game' is based in practical tools and systems for bringing alive can do social innovation in any and
every community.

After leading two extremely successful Games in Golden Bay and Motueka, they felt inspired to
create a second version of the Game, called Maker World for Schools.  Maker World is adapted for a
majority younger audience, and has the added impetus of aligning with New Zealand's vision for
education and learning for 2025 as put out by the Ministry of Education.  Maker World provides
training for teachers in 21st century learning, inspiration and motivation for students, and an
experience of self-directed, project-based learning for parents, grandparents and the whole
community. Thus, Maker World acts as a catalyst for transforming education by bringing
all stakeholders together for an experience of the future of education which, in turn,
increases schools' capacities for rapid change. 

Game Advisory Team

Dave Allen  

Vice-President & GM Northern EMEA at NetApp

Dave’s background and experience include driving market share growth, sales and organisational strategy development and execution, business operations management, commercial management, deal construction, negotiation and analysis, customer segmentation, market analysis, financial compliance, sales forecast and pipeline management, business insight, analysis and planning, account planning and development, financial solutions development, channel operations, and building teams. 

Dave is an informal mentor for business development. 

Dave "Tex" Smith

Dave is an analytical visionary, who pursues new and innovative ideas with a determination for uncovering the truth of their viability. He brings creative energy and the safety of well-researched knowledge to all that
inspires or fascinates him. He balances the desire
for change with a need to assure himself that
he is making the right choices. An optimistic
skeptic, he is hopeful yet cautious.

Dave brings expertise in architecture and
design, emerging technologies and
simple technologies, community
social,economic and environmental
development, disruptive systems
and the Starfish Business Model.

Founder/Director Starfish Consultancy Ltd
September 2012 – Present (2 years 11 months) Whakatane
Connecting people, places and projects
around the planet in order to leverage positive change

Founder/Director Webtex Solutions Ltd
January 2009 – Present (6 years 7 months)Whakatanu