"Kia ora Laurence and Zahra, I see both of our groups got good coverage in this week’s Tasman Leader. Yay for all of us! Just wanted to acknowledge you both for the Community Game you ran in Motueka where our biochar group was born. I feel very appreciative of you both...your passion and enthusiasm and positivity. THANKS!!!!!!! And all the best for your WEVE project!"
Katerina - Biochar Project

"The Game is an interactive tool for learning skills needed to get a project done. It provides time and space to collectively work as a community on projects.  The Community Game was a great experience for me to get more involved in both existing and future projects. I learned a lot and enjoyed it a lot.”
Alex - Takaka Hemp Collective

“It’s a 2 & ½ day training course of brainstorming and project management.   It deals with how to manage a project in an ethical and collaborative way. This has been a great opportunity for me to meet the local community and tell my story about the Alternatiba Festival and to share my experience and the tools to gte this project started in this community. Thank you so much!”
Anais - Alternatiba Project

“It's a real life experience of our changing world. This is a great tool for creating new projects for the future and or reviving enthusiasm for existing ones.”
Ron 79 - Motueka Game

““Good project development and community connection space. A fabulous event. Worth doing for anyone interested in developing community projects, seeking connections and support.”
Verena - Alternatiba Project

“ The Game is an opportunity to pool alternative [and mainstream] community initiatives, resources and prosperity. A fantastic opportunity for people to share their dreams to a collective of like minded dream makers. Mau ora Laurence & Zahra.” 
Mahai - Iwi Motueka Game

“An opportunity to connect with others in the community who are open to new collaborative ways of achieving goals to benefit the community.”
Tania - Iwi Motueka Game

“A great way to progress a project, network with others, have fun, eat good food and be nourished by other people. Great way to progress a project, network with others, have fun, eat good food and be nourished by other people. This event far exceeded my expectations. An invaluable experience for anyone wanting to progress their goals to create a better world.”
Katerina - Biochar Project

“A weekend where you learn skills and find beneficial links between community projects and people. Great opportunity to find out, link with and collaborate with various initiatives.”
Petra - Harvest Fest/Kai Fest

”Focuses attention on how to create collaborative teams for social change. Social Change is not a “money making” venture, which means that you are reliant on volunteers. How do you actually get people on board with your ideas? What information do they need to know to become excited about your project? What do you need? What is the problem that you want to address and why? The Community Game helps to a sort out the details by providing a high-level framework.”
Craig - Biochar Project

“It’s a way of building and opening doors for a community’s hopes and wishes.”  I found this inspiring how a small group can start a to make a difference, share and expand existing projects.”  
Arthur - Brain Food Garden/Eat Smart Garden @MOTEC