The Community Game

a whole new way of building a positive future where you live.

The Community Game is an inspiring two day training event that upskills you in the best tools available for building thriving 21st century communities. 

It takes real life local community betterment projects and social enterprises from concept to reality, by teaching you the latest tools in: project management, collaboration, and new economics!

Centered on action, innovation, and inspiration, it's an unparalleled opportunity for people to take a giant leap forward to make life better for everyone. 

It's real. It's intense, hands-on, fast-paced and fun!

It's the Community Game

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At The Game

Collaboration In 5

Throughout The GAmish barn buildingame, you will be treated to an array of inspirational vignettes both historical and modern powerfully demonstrating the full potential of 21st century collaboration tools to make a better world. Ignite your imagination with the possibilities made available by collaboration. We have advanced Amish barn building capability ready for us to develop our modern communities.  The Community Game experience catapults you forward in your use of these tools.  So climb on board and take a tour of top community collaboration stories from around the world! You won't want to get off! 

21st Century Project Management in 20 Minutes

20 MinutesLearn online and hardcopy tools for managing collaborative projects by participating in short,
sharp skillshares. Choose only those you need, so you don’t waste your time. Then take
your new skills to your Game project and to your life. By the end you will have filled
any knowledge gaps you had in successful project management including:
communication, information sharing, scheduling, timelines, delegation and
progress monitoring. We’ll also invite those with superior skills in some
of the tools presented to upskill the whole room! Everyone benefits.

 Money Unlimited!!! unleashing the power of the WEVE!

Bank of Real SolutionsOur most popular, paradigm shifting module! Learn the
principles of the most innovative yet proven economic
models for supporting local enterprise, social good
projects and general community projects through
experiential games and then immediately apply them to
your group projects being developed during the event. 
You will literally find wealth in your community, you had no idea existed.
And what’s more,
you will know what to do with it.

Who you’ll meet at The Community Game:

From the mildly curious to the movers and shakers the Community Game brings together anyone
from the wider community who is willing to learn new skills and try new ways of doing things to get
things done and make things happen in the place where they live or in the larger world.

Schools, businesses and every community group are invited to participate so that many different
sectors can be represented i.e: Health, Education, Science and Technology, Spirituality, Arts & Culture,
Business, Agriculture, Environment & Habitat, Government, Media & Entertainment.

People come to a Community Game weekend to:

· Network with others they don't usually work with
· Start or develop community/global betterment projects & social enterprises
· Use new 21st century economic tools to fund projects
· Have a fun, productive weekend.

What you can expect to get out of a Community Game event


The Game draws on the latest learning technology from open source to lean start up
principles.  Participants pitch ideas for new or existing projects and enterprises, choose
one to work on, form teams and get to work.  This is a true 21st Century learning experience
where l
earning is by doing, is relevant and is tailored to each team project and skill level, so
everyone can be successful regardless of prior knowledge, age, or background. 


The people who come to The Community Game are serious about learning how to build
and launch community betterment projects and social enterprises and create collaborative
relationships that last long past the weekend.


During the weekend working alongside awesome people who share your ideas.  
The Community Game is  fun and entertaining, so enjoy it.

Solutions to local problems from your ideas: 

Do you think that one of your ideas can change your town or have a positive impact on your  group of people?
Bring your idea notebook with you and start making a positive change in your local community.

Learn New Skills:

With a whole weekend dedicated to letting your creative juices flow, The Community Game is the perfect
opportunity to work on a new idea, learn more about your community, map community resources, and even
give 21st century economics a try. 

Get Access to Valuable Project Building Resources:

By participating in The Community Game, you are given instant access to new economic models foryour community.
Expect to leave with full pockets!

Save Money:

The Community Game offers a powerhouse of learning for a very affordable price. 
We accept barter and local currencies. No one turned away for economic reasons. 

The Community Game is hosting events all over New Zealand and the world.  

Join us!