Hi, we are Zahra Lightway M.Ed. and Laurence Boomert, founders of The Community Game & Make It Happen.  We use the newest tools in community collaboration, 21st century education & new economics to show you how to work togetherso that you can reinvent your community, move projects and ideas forward and make your dreams a reality.  

We teach groups, large and small, how to make the things that matter happen fast, through our talks, workshops and training events. 


  • The Community Game
  • Make It Happen


  • The Future of Society, Education and Money
  • Education Out of the Box 


  • The Community Game -  OPUS EDITION
  • Creating Community Resilience & Revitalisation
  • Money Set Free: New Options for Local Economic Development
  • New Economic Foundations for Progressive Education Models

The world has changed. Technology has given you options you could never have imagined possible. It has freed you to reinvent your world at the community level. The problem is you may not yet have realized the potential at your fingertips.

You can 3D print just about anything, making local manufacturing of just about anything a reality. You could print homes for the homeless and clothes for the clotheless…and that’s just the tip of a very large iceberg that also includes completely changing how you finance your projects and dreams, how you live, work and learn.

We bring hope and inspiration tied to pragmatism with options from 45 minutes to 2 hours to 2 days we can work with your school, neighbourhood, town, city, conference or festival to help your stakeholders make quantum leaps in both thought and action. 


The Community Game:

a dynamic, training event designed to upskill up to 100 people to vision, plan, fund and action variousprojects they are passionate about in their communities or the world in just 2 ½ days.  Click for a full description.

Make It Happen:

This two day event catalyses whole school transformation into New Zealand's 2025 vision by bringing together all stakeholders: parents, teachers, and students for an innovative two day 21st century learning experience designed to engage, motivate, inspire and upskill participants in creative, adaptive learning and doing.  

The Community Game - Opus Edition

Opus:a composer's musical masterpiece. 

Your opus is the project you and your organisation have the most passion for - the most drive to make happen!  In this edition of our signature training event, your project will take quantum leaps forward as you are inspired by the best models of collaboration from around the world, the latest project management tools, and the power of new economics now available to you.  We show you how you already have the everything you need to make the good stuff happen and how to use it.   

The power of the Opus Edition is that only one type of project is worked on.  For example: founding a progressive, 21st century learning experience/school or creating food resilience in your community.  Several different groups may have the same goal but want to go about reaching it in unique ways. This workshop allows for one group with one unified vision or several groups with several visions to work together to inspire each other, motivate each other, and  share ideas and resources.   

The Community Game - Opus Edition will move your dreams forward six months to one year in less than 2 days. 

Time: from one and a half to two days.  
Recommended for: any group, organization or selection of groups and organizations wanting to develop a single type of project. 


The Future of Society, Education and Money

Our signature talk 

This compelling presentation looks at the non-negotiable future trends that are transforming our social, educational and economic landscapes and the responses you can choose to increase your security and well-being.
International speakers, Laurence Boomert & Zahra Lightway, bring the hard facts of change that are at your door and explode them into an exciting array of positive, creative, action-based community responses that are defining the successful towns and cities of the future.
“Future Shock has landed, it will affect your jobs, your kids and your pension plans, so you better learn how to adapt to and navigate this new terrain - and you better do it fast. This presentation will tell you how you can do that.” W.A. Jones 

This is our signature talk introducing the key concepts and tools presented and taught in our workshops and signature programmes. It can also be presented under the title:  "How to Survive and Thrive in the 21st Century ~ everything you & your community needs to know"

Education Out of the Box 

Presented by Zahra Lightway M.Ed.

Education Out of the Box21st century education, also known as ‘the third wave”, has the potential to revolutionize how we think, learn, live, work and thrive.  It is no longer isolated in “institutions of learning”.  It is available for, by and to everyone. 

In the first half of this talk, Zahra Lightway M.Ed. gives an ultra-brief history of the 1st and 2nd waves in education spanning the 1800’s to the present, explaining how and why we designed the current model.  She then challenges you to re-examine your beliefs around school practices you take so completely for granted, it doesn’t even occur to you to question them. “We don’t even know, what we don’t know.”  Practices such as curriculum, grades, homework, classrooms, high stakes exams and even your concept of what a teacher is.  

The second half of the talk presents a compelling case for a holistic, new system, one that empowers people to think outside the box and has the potential to upskill whole communities not just train children to acquire knowledge.
Time: 45 mins – 1 hour
Recommended for: schools, government education agencies, education conferences and holistic, progressive education advocates. Can also be presented as a two hour – ½ day workshop. 


Our workshops are dynamic, focused events lasting from 1/2 to a full day.  They can be tailored to your needs. 

Creating Community Resilience & Revitalisation

Across the world many communities are choosing to face the challenges of the future head on & in doing so are creating the kind of society they always wanted.
This workshop features best practise, social innovation examples from around the world and New Zealand, including:          * Neighbourhood Makers Spaces and Learning Hubs, * Community Currencies, * Cooperatives. *  Local Food Production  * Sustainability Streets, * Energy & Housing Solutions, * Youth Engagement & more, showing how we can: 

  • revitalise and reconnect our communities
  • create employment from meeting social needs
  • make a resilient and adaptive community
  • strengthen and future proof local businesses 
  • create healthier, happier, homes and neighbourhoods

This workshop allows time and process for participants to see how they can apply these models to their own situations.

"Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex - the solutions are embarrassingly simple."Bill Mollison

Money Set Free: New Options for Local Economic Development

From local to digital and bitcoins to barter credits, new currency trading systems and economic innovations are creating a liquidity that can strengthen local economies, fuel start-up businesses and enable social good projects. 

Using experiential games this workshops makes it easy for participants to get an understanding of both old (existing) money and the new forms of money that are emerging with the digital and peer to peer revolutions.

Participants will be encouraged to see how they apply this thinking and these systems to the individual or group projects they are working on. This workshop guarantees to help you realize new available wealth in your community and whats more  give you a whole lot of ideas on what to do with it.

Find out how we can fund the making of a more secure and sustainable future today.

New Economic Foundations for Progressive Education Models

How new economic innovations can be used to enhance and strengthen the foundations of new and existing schools. 
Currently progressive schools have three main financial options:

  • Access government funding and follow government rules
  • Charge “high” fees and tuition which excludes many families
  • Charge low fees and not pay teachers and staff well (have a rich angel funder)
  • Okay so that’s four!

This session is an invitation to explore how we can create financially thriving learning communities that offer access and opportunities for all. Zahra and Laurence will use foundations of The Community Game to work with participants to look at how the challenges of funding the progressive education movement can be answered using a range of economic innovations such as: local & crypto-currencies, time banks, peer to peer finance systems, buyers cooperatives, community resource mapping, entrepreneurial projects and other non-traditional “funding”. The pair will show how new tools for collaboration can help communities of learning to build economic strength and resilience for the benefit of all stakeholders. Ideas on how these techniques and innovations can be integrated into student learning will also be presented.

Time: 2 hours to 1 day
Recommended for: progressive educators, parents and community members trying to figure out how to fund new educational models.