Maker World 4 Schools

Maker World 4 Schools is an innovative two day 21st century learning experience designed to engage, motivate, inspire and upskill participants in creative, adaptive learning and doing that also happens to align perfectly with the concepts for learning outlined in the NZ vision for 2025:

  • self-directed learning that is digitally connected, collaborative, creative, and relevant to students’ lives and identities
  • Ako - students as teachers and teachers as students to create lifelong learners 
  • teachers as facilitators and mentors
  • adaptive, flexible schools and learning

Framework: The Time Is Now

As The Ministry of Education for New Zealand pushes forward with funding for modern learning environments, new professional development guidelines and moves fast into 21st century learning, it’s vital for all stakeholders in schools to know what is ahead, what it will take to get there and why we’re doing it.

Three potential barriers to overcome in order for this much needed transformation in education to roll out rapidly are:

  1. Knowledge and skills for teachers to implement new learning practices within an MLE
  2. Parent support for a new system they don’t yet understand
  3. Scaffolding the transition for students into student led learning

Maker World is part of the solution for all three. Using tools like the lean start up canvas, World Café, living systems thinking new economics and more, it acts as a catalyst for whole school transformation into New Zealand’s 2025 vision by bringing together all stakeholders: parents, teachers, and students.

  • Parents see the power of 21st century learning in action which opens the door to further conversations and talks.
  • Teachers benefit from hands on PDL in 21st century best practices and may be able to get professional development credit.
  • Students experience self-directed project based learning while acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge for getting projects, businesses and other ideas up and running. The whole experience is a valuable addition to a CV and helps them prepare for the modern work world where adaptability and enquiry are highly valued.

Relationships are built and deepened between all stakeholders.

Last but potentially most importantly, Maker World 4 Schools provides a framework for problem-solving students can apply to any project or idea in the real world.  This event has the potential to create huge impact in a school community, if its principles for positive change and transformation continue to be used beyond the two workshop.  We are enthusiastic to encourage and support any initiative in this direction. 

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